Dateline: 1 September 2013
By: Herrick Kimball

Welcome to The Agrarian Foundation article archive. The Agrarian Foundation was a charitable foundation established in 1994 by Mr. David E. Rockett of Monroe, Louisiana. It was originally named, The Southern League Foundation, and later renamed, The Agrarian Foundation

The Agrarian Foundation had a web site and published a newsletter titled The Agrarian Steward. The web site has not been online for many years and the newsletter is no longer published.

This archive web site is not in any way affiliated with The Agrarian Foundation. I have compiled and republished the articles here (they originally appeared on the Foundation's web site) as a personal project—with the permission of David Rockett. I found Mr. Rockett's writings helpful to me years ago as I was trying to better understand the Christian-agrarian worldview, and I believe they can be helpful to other Christians as they desire to live a life more in accord with biblical teachings. 

I would like to someday republish a selection of articles here that were originally published in The Agrarian Steward newsletter. But, for now, I  am thankful to Mr. Rockett for allowing the articles that are here. 

I invite anyone with an interest in Christian-agrarianism to also take a look at my blog, The Deliberate Agrarian.

If you would like to contact David Rockett his e-mail is: